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Neraidospilios/Fairy Cave

The cave Neraidospilios is situated about 23 km from Heraklion, near the village Astraki. The cave is located inside a majestic gorge draining the area of Thrapsano and ending in Karteros.

Legend has it that the fairies had chosen to live in this cave that is buried in the gorge!

One night, a young man heard their song and entered the cave. He saw them dancing and singing! Fascinated by the sweet melody and their dance, he picked up his lyre started playing. The Fairies followed dancing to his rhythm and at dawn, they disappeared!

The man fell in love with one of the Fairies and asked the advice of an old wise woman. She told him that, before the dawn, he should grab her, and not let her go.

So, at the same night, the man, went to the cave and began to play music. Soon, the Fairies showed up and started dancing. Before the dawn, the man grabbed the Fairy he loved and did not let her go.

She began to transform into dog, fire, snake, but the young man held her tightly. The other Fairies disappeared. Then, she became a beautiful woman again, and he took her to his house.

They lived together for a year and got a son, but the Fairy never spoke! The man tried to get her to talk, but without success.

So, he asked the advice of the old woman again. She told him to take the child from his wife’s hands and pretend to throw it in the oven. He did it, but the Fairy snatched the child from his hands and disappeared.

He tried to find them, crying and begging but in vain.

She went to her sisters, but they did not accept her. They did not forgive her betrayal.
So, she went a little further to a fountain called Loutra, holding the child in her arms and crying. Her tears were falling into the water and blur it, which is why the waters of the Fairy Cave blur sometimes.

Around the Fairy Cave there are many springs that water comes out accompanied by a light noise, something like crying and after every downpour, the water blurs.
When you walk in the Fairy Cave you will feel the peace and harmony of nature, next to the crystalclear waters, under the thick branches of the plane trees and if you are lucky, closing your eyes, you will see the dance of the Fairies