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Kommos Beach

Kommos (or Komos) is located 66km southwest of Heraklion, just 2km north of Matala. It is actually the southernmost and the most isolated part of the long beachfront of Messara Bay. You can access Kommos by driving in the road heading to Matala, till you see a sign to Kommos near Pitsidia. Kommos was once the port of Phaestus; you can still see the ruins of the old port of Kommos on the beach. It was established in about 200BC. It was destroyed by an earthquake several centuries later and was rebuilt on the same location.
If you want to find a place to stay overnight or to eat, you can walk to the nearby Kalamaki. In the sandy beachfront of Messara Bay, the protected loggerhead sea turtle lays its eggs, thus, it is better not to walk on the dark parts of the beach at night during the summer months, in order to avoid destroying the nests and not to frighten the turtles.